Friday, September 17, 2010

 I need help from you that are deployed or overseas, or know someone that is. A friend of mine has a 9 yr old boy in her extented family that is getting ready for his 1st open heart surgery. His no. 1 wish thro the Ronald McDonald is to receive 100 Get Well Cards from all over the world. If you can help I'll send you the address. Thank you.

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  1. Hello Amanda~ I am a military spouse who happened to stumble upon your blog via someone else's blog. I spot the USAF uniform right away as that is the branch of service that my husband serves in also. He was deployed & will return to deployment come January. I also have a dear blog friend whose husband just left. I would like to help make the 9 yr. old boy's wish come true by making some get well cards. Please provide me with the address.
    I can be reached at
    I am now following your cute blog. Hope you can follow me too.
    Love your creations so far.
    All the best & crafty goodness,